This machine is used to protect the surface of granite slabs. In the first cycle the slabs are cleaned from all sides with water and rotating brushes, then they are dried and after that the protective agent is applied with two special rollers, once this is done the slabs are dried again and are then immediately ready for use. This agent protects the plates from weather influences such as moisture, which has the advantage that the plates do not burst in frost when water penetrates into the plates.

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  1. Fully automatic design, easy to operate, suitable for high production and efficiency.
  2. Constant temperature and energy saving control system ensure uniform specifications and quality of finished granite slab.
  3. Cleaning system uses recycled high pressure water combined with brush to ensure finished quality remains the same.
  4. The working area is not limited by environment and weather.
  5. The production per day is 500-700 m², which is 5-8 times higher than manual production.
  6. The production line is designed to load and unload separately and simultaneously to reduce manual labor intensity and improve labor efficiency.
  7. Fully automatic protection on six sides and uniform protective agent spraying make the 100% qualified final products.
  8. The protection system adopts the recycled protective agent to avoid waste.

  1. Motor power: Regular 25kw - Max. 50kw
  2. Max. Processing length: 300-3000mm
  3. Max. Processing thickness: 10-60mm
  4. Max. Processing width: 650mm
  5. Effectiveness: 60m² in 1 hour
  6. Connected load: 380V / 50Hz

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Weight 4000 kg
Size 1500 × 80 × 160 cm

Color According to customer's request (extra charge), Standard (Free of charge)


BT-DJM-100, BT-DJM-180

Shipping Method

FOB (Free-On-Board)

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